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What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is software made available to users online ; it is not installed on a computer. Users identify themselves on the service’s home page.

The SaaS provider makes the servers and software available to users. It ensures that the service is available, maintained and updated. This means that a large number of users can connect to the service. Each user creates an account and pays a monthly or annual fee to use the services. They must then ensure that they have a computer (or mobile phone), an internet connection and a working browser.

Today, all business software is offered in SaaS format : customer relationship management, financial management, eCommerce, human resources management, etc.

Why opt for SaaS?

SaaS offers a number of advantages for both the user and the company:

  • The user is at the centre of the service
  • The service can be accessed online at any time, quickly and from anywhere (it is no longer linked to a fixed workstation)
  • The technical aspects (updates, maintenance, etc.) are managed by the service provider
  • All users benefit from the same level of security thanks to the cloud
  • New features and updates are deployed and integrated on an ongoing basis
  • The main risks of SaaS are service performance and data security, which is why each publisher devotes considerable resources to these issues.

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